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Groupanizer combines all aspects of choir management into one comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based platform helping you lead your choir more effectively. Its toolbox gives you the ability to:

  • Plan

  • Track

  • Communicate

  • Distribute 

  • Organize

  • Manage

  • Promote


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Groupanizer is more than product. We give you best-in-class marketing support and customer service to help you launch successfully so you can put your best foot forward on stage.

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Take a load off your task list and plan more effectively.

  • Standing Arrangements
  • Rehearsal plans
  • Performance details
  • Activities & special events



Always know what’s coming up, what’s going on and where everything is happening
  • Music learning status
  • Financial activities
  • Member attendance 
  • Vocal Parts


Multiple channels of communication in a central hub.

  • Customizable member dashboard
  • Email groups
  • Discussion boards
  • Members Only Blog
  • Forums
  • Messaging and commenting 

Hundreds of Choirs and Thousands of Users from Around the World Use Groupanizer

  • Community
  • Church
  • Youth / Children’s

  • Vocal Ensembles
  • Chamber
  • Barbershop

  • Show
  • Professionals
  • Quartets


Texas Choral Consort loves Groupanizer

Implementing Groupanizer within our organization was the single best administrative decision we have made in years...  It has GREATLY simplified coordination and communication for our relatively large community choral group...
Board of Directors
Texas Choral Consort


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Groupanizer has designed and packaged choir specific features together with intuitive management and communication tools to create a product that is essential to choir and chorus management.

Groupanizer is simply the smartest way to manage your choir and reach your audience.


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